doorway page

"doorway page", referred to also bridge German side is also referred to jump page, Satellite page or mirror side - does not pursue any direct, offensive advertising purposes.
They act as intermediate pages and refer to the actual web page.

A bridge page / doorway page has the following features:

  • it offers search engine keywords at
  • it acts only as an intermediate page
  • she leads visitors mostly automatically (z. B. by using JavaScript or META tags) next to the main pages.

Search Engine Optimization:

By doorway pages, a search engine optimization be made without the content of the actual site must be changed.

The pages with keywords peppered, under which you or the linked sites are to be found in search engines.

In addition, doorway pages are used to increase the link popularity and thus to improve the ranking in search engines.

Doorway pages are often generated by scripts or programs automatically in large quantities. Internal mechanisms of crosslinking are often used. This classic form of the bridge side is larger by the
Search engines often identified and assessed as a manipulation attempt.
This can lead to exclusion from the search engine index, such as in 2006 BMW was excluded from Google.

Source: Wikipedia

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